29 Oct

My fiancee and I just finished Cloud Atlas. I loved it. She… well, she didn’t fall asleep. And, that’s us: she’s the one with her feet on the ground, I’m the one with my head in the clouds. While I sit around waxing philosophically, she just sits back and smiles.

But, I loved the movie. It was very… loosely threaded. I think reality is like that. Loosely threaded, I mean. We sit back and link cause and effect all day long, but most don’t venture too far off that path. It seems to make them nervous. I don’t usually worry about it; at work, I proudly wear the “kooky one” title, and it doesn’t phase anyone too much because (and this is just a guess) I’m so reliable when it does come to my duties. But, boy do I get “the look”. I like it though. Every so often, I can tell I get folks thinking. Like Tallahassee says, “Gotta enjoy the little things.”

I’m not going to give anything away, but I will say that, if you’re expecting a solid, plot based adventure ride or a cinematic epic that ties up nicely, you might wanna re-think your movie choice. Better yet, just go see Looper (Fantastic flick, btw). This is more of a… Parts had a sort of Albert Camus or Orwellian feel to them, as if it were portraying the human existance as almost apathetic or pointless… But then, that didn’t last, because you’d be cut to a different perspective or storyline altogether, and SWOOSH! you’re brought back up with the idea that all these separate lives are tied together and that, even though there is bad, the universe will never stop in its push for the good. It was like swinging on a trapeze between justice and love and weakness and faith and hope and strength and joy and sorrow. So many different emotions, Yvonne said she felt numb by the end. I felt… exactly the opposite: I felt happy and sad and good and bad and… It had a strange afterfeel to it.

An idea that was purported throughout the almost three hour film (yeah, it was a longun) was, “The weak are meat that the strong do eat,” or something to that effect. It was as if the villain/antagonist would attempt to will the good guy into simply giving up, or at least coming over to the “winning” side. (Hmmm… that makes me think of entropy for some reason), and yet, with the insurmountable odds stacked up, in the face of certain and inevitable death and/or destruction, the hero says, “I will not compromise my self.” I just love that. Lately, I’ve been circling the idea that that’s what we’re put on this earth for: to learn to exercise our will over our urges. Overpower the physical. Rise above emotion. Do what’s right, not because its what’s FEELS right, but because its what you KNOW is right… for whatever the reason…

How often do we get to do that? I mean, if we did it constantly with little things, we’d get pretty lonely pretty quick. One of my boys is picky like that, and that can be challenging… My other son is the exact opposite, bending to others’ will constantly just to avoid potential conflict, and this can be just as challenging. I’d like to think of myself as a high-brid of the two. I’m extremely “whatever” with most stuff. I’m easy to please, and find enjoyment in most things. I have my few core principals I won’t sacrifice.

I guess most people would say that, though… How many back it up, though? I guess its also not about how often we back it up, but just that we do it at the right time, when it really counts…

And it’s never the right time, but then it’s always the right time, because, no matter what time it is, its always now… Like, there’s no such thing as fate, but there is destiny, and the balance may be shifted from one side to another, but it’ll always swing back and each one of our moments is just a snapshot of the eternal sway between dark and light… And, honestly, who would want it any other way?

Yeah, it was a good movie. =)


One Response to “Reincarnation?”

  1. Karen Kubicko October 29, 2012 at 23:23 #

    Great post! I really loved the Cloud Atlas movie. I think it is the kind of movie you need to see again. The extended trailer was so phenomenal, I knew I had to see it!

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