To Vote, or… Why wouldn’t you vote?

6 Nov

Election Day 2012: go pretend you actually have a voice in picking the next commander in chief. We may not really be effecting that outcome, but the cool thing is, by voting for local and state offices, we are effecting future electoral colleges. So, try not to be too short sighted: this election may be out of our hands, but if Mitt, Obama, and their parties don’t “destroy the country” in four years, the others we put in office today will have a chance to truly represent us.

This is why I’m voting for 3rd parties. The only way to get rid of the two party machine is to starve it.

Of course, that takes a little more effort on our parts: to not just consume the free bullshit being shoveled onto our plates by the Dems and the GOP, and instead to venture out on our own, foraging info for ourselves, is more strenuous than simply digesting what’s put before us. But, like anything, nothing intrinsically good is ever free or without effort, so… To all of you who REALLY want change, hope, or truth: you won’t find it by simply turing on your idiot box. You actually have to hunt for it.

If this all sounds despondent, perhaps it’s just my frustration. I am hopeful, and I have faith in humanity and in this country: we have such potential! And yet… I see so many taking the easy or self interested path so often… It can be… daunting. Still, that doesn’t matter! For, with each and every new moment is yet another chance for us to choose to be stronger, more compassionate… just better in general.

So, happy voting! And, before you actually do cast that ballot, do me, your country, your world, our future, and yourself a favor by asking: Am I really, really making a good, educated choice, or am I just voting for the guy who appealed to me on the tv?



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