Little bittuvah bio

A little about moi?

Welp, I grew up in Tejas, was enlisted in the Marine Corps for four years, almost got my associates but oped to work instead (gotta feed the monkey). I’m not accredited, but I love learning anything about anything: physics, philosophy, theology, literature, martial arts, mechanics, psychology, etc, etc… I just love learning. (My favorite avenue of application for all this stuff is human development.) I think that we start dying when we stop learning.

I’m currently converting to Judaism, which is awesome, but I was born and raised Catholic, which I still love. I have tried on many other faiths and practices, including atheism and science. (Anyone who claims those aren’t religions with their own dogmas hasn’t thought deeply enough about them.) I love meditating and pondering, and think Prometheus Rising is one of the greatest books ever written.

My understandings are constantly being altered, which I’m glad for. Keeps me from turning into a fuddy-duddy, but it can be disorienting at times.

I used to blog all the time, but that was ten years ago. I’d gone back to paper and pen for a while, but “times they are a-changin”… We’ll see what this blog spawns.

Other than that…



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